Monday, December 25


Now i know how it feel, to be tired of all things you've done, you put so much effort on. After all this while, this years passing by, now i know. When you do something and you put all of your heart in it, but it turns out that no one ever realised it, ever see it. It hurts so much i can't even talk to someone about it. I feel so tired and now i have decided to stop doing what i've been doing all this time. It is my choice, i choose to stop loving other people and start doing me, for me, not for some one else but me. If i want to change, it is must because i, myself, want to change, not because someone said it to me. And if i don't like something, i will say it. I'm not gonna be that what people always called me, 'Paper Heart' ever again. You've planted the bitter seed inside of me, and from now on i will carry it wherever i go. 

P/S: yall know every title of my post is a song title or some of song lyrics right?