Tuesday, March 7


Shes so pretty.
Im ugly bitch. I hate you! Fuck you!
Im not in my right mind rn. Im mad as hell. I hate to know the girl you used to like before you met me. I will always think that you always stalking her, like her picture, look at her instagram. Why am i never enough? Why i always think that you will leave me like everyone else does? Why do i have to feel like this? Like fucking everyday? Because everyone cheat on me, lied to me, hurt me, stab me behind my back like im fucking animals. They all do the same thing, they all thing im worthless piece of shit. Do you too? Do you? Why i always felt like i will never be enough for anyone? Why i keep feeling like this? Fuck you all for hurting me! I hate all of you with all of my heart! I hate you!
Can you tell me you will never be like them?

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