Monday, December 19

You haunt me

You know when you miss someone so much you start to feel like theres something missing that supposed to be right beside you right f now, need it now, like you want it so badly you can die if dont have it. It makes you sad actually. But, theres nothing you can do. You just need to be patient. Hm but patient isnt enough. You need to let it go away itself. Im talking about the feeling, not the person. I could die in heartbreak if he ever leave me. Please dont. Im so fragile this day, idk why. I need to brace myself, thinking of other things that also important. I know im a weak cry baby. I want to be the best, i want to be a succesfull person that dont need anyone to tell me what to do. I want to know everything, i want to learn everything. But it takes time, it needs effort and self confident. Everyone have a dream, and im the one of them. It just idk if i could ever reach it. I miss Ibu so much, she knows what to say to make me feel better, not like this, i feel like i will never be good enough, for anyone or anything. I wish i still have her with me. I wish someone will listen everything i want to say. I wish i was good enough. I wish.

P/s: i need to delete some of the post in this blog, im so embarassed with myself right now -.-

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