Tuesday, August 2

cheap thrills

Dear whoever reading this,

I give up getting your attention. I've decided not to do anything anymore. I am hurt and broken, and i will always remind myself how broken i am, so i know and always beware, not to give myself my heart easily to any one ever again. I have stop telling myself "I am okay" because i know that i'm not. I'm not gonna push myself anymore. I've go through this heartbreak many times, and i know i'm gonna get over it again. But, i just don't know why this time, it so hard. I live through the pain everyday. It still hurt, but doesn't bother me anymore. You're still in my mind, but not the lovey dovey kind of thing. Maybe i'm used to it, to have you on my mind. Thats why you're still there, but you're not important anymore. Useless? I guess? I am done telling how i feel on the twitter. Every tweet that i tweet-ed or retweet-ed just show how pathetic i am.  I am not gonna let anyone see me that way again. I hope in the next semester everything going to be alright, its not about you anymore, its about me. And i will forget about you, slowly. I'm sure! Amin.

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