Thursday, July 28

sweater weather

Dear all,

When im in relationship, and i love the person so much, i like to apologize many times. As many as i could. Idk why. Its just me. And i also constantly will say iloveyou many times. I want him to know that i love him so much. But, till now, no one ever could love me back the way i do to them. Woman, i admit, so complicated. But the mens, they full of surprises. At first they say they love, full of effort, wanting to see you everyday, miss you every second of the day. But its only for a while. 2 months i guess? After that, they surprise you. They suddenly decided not to love you anymore. And they want you, not love them too. How funny. Eventhough we, the girls have so complicated minds, we never give up easily on something that we have put so much effort on. Thats so heartbreaking, full of pain. How you gonna un-love someone that you have love so much with all of your heart? I will never do that to anyone, never. Because i know the pain, i know the feel, i already see people with heartbreak, they empty, become heartless. Thats why i choose not to believe in love anymore, because true love never exist. I'm sorry. Maybe its my fault, giving my all to someone, while he never felt the same as me. Im not surprise, but i never expect this from you. I thought you are the one, i thought youre different than the others. But i am wrong, i should have know this from the beginning. I should have know that you gonna do this to me, that you gonna leave me like this. I'm in pain. I'm sorry for loving you this much, i'm sorry for having this such a big heart. I am not gonna hurt myself anymore. Enough!

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