Tuesday, July 26

So many little possibilities

Hi, Assalamualaikum
Harini aku nak copy paste note aku
Ke dalam blog sebab aku nak delete notes
So ni actually coretan aku masa sedih
Aku luahkan kat notes
So, takde siapa baca kan? Hee :)

Monday, May 9, 2016. 17:21
Dear love,
Today im gonna write my feelings towards you that i cant give it to you anymore. Im so hurt i feel like im dying. Im drowning in your love, no, not yours, my love to you. Because you dont love me anymore. Idk how a person that says he love you everyday, and suddenly dont love you anymore. Im crying so hard while im typing this so you know how hurt i am. Idk what to do, idk how big my mistake to you that makes you said that how irritated you feel towards me. Im sorry, im sorry for loving you this much. I just cant handle anymore heartbreak. I hope i can just be heartless, just take all of feelings because all im feeling right now just sad and hurt. Im so freaking miserable right now. All i want is you. Why you do this to me? What did i ever do to you to deserve this kind of pain. Is it wrong for me wanting to be loved by someone that truly loves me. Why do this keep happens to me? All i can think is i will never be good enough for anyone. Why dont you text me? Why this keep happening to me? Why? Why i love you this much? Why everyone leaves me emotionless? Dont you think whats gonna happen to me after this? My heart? You crush it all away. Dont you care about me? After all this time, why this is happening right now? Why you hurt me this bad? Why cant i be happy like everyone else? Is it because you cant accept me as i am? Its because what i tell you few months ago? My deepest darkest secret? Is it because of that? Why did you said you love me eventhough you dont? Why?

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